Fall Street Lacrosse League

Street lacrosse benefits our game and makes us better full-field players in so many ways:

  • Playing with a tennis ball develops soft hands, better feel and handle
  • Off-ball cutting and screening 
  • Pick & roll offense
  • Playing & communicating through picks on defense
  • Shooting on a small 4x4 net improves accuracy, quick release, and fakes to move the goalie
  • Playing in tight spaces forces players to make decisions and read the defense and offense faster and more frequently 
  • Playing in tight spaces forces players to be a triple threat with the ball: shooter, dodger, feeder
  • Speed & athleticism are negated on the small court, so players develop and rely on their lacrosse IQ, precision stick skills/ handle, ball movement, and picks, screens, and cuts to create space and score

Who: Players of all skill levels from Elementary School to High School

Time: 4-5:30PM

When: Sundays from 9/11 - 10/16 (9/11,9/18,9/25,10/2,10/9,10/16)

Where: Carmel Middle School Basketball Courts

Cost: $199

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