Mission Statement 

Bixby Ballers Lacrosse develops ballers on & off the field and empowers athletes to be their best.

Our Approach & Philosophy

We approach the game holistically from the standpoint that lacrosse is bigger than a game--it's a platform to develop our players into better people. Many of the skills and lessons we learn on a lacrosse field are transferable to our experience off the field, and we lean into that. We develop character traits such as resilience, joy, grit, grace, commitment, self-awareness, empathy, and leadership. The beauty of lacrosse is that, if we buy into it, we're gaining experience embodying such character traits on the field and can carry them with us off the field. At Bixby Ballers Lacrosse, lacrosse is more than a game--it's a platform to teach the game of life.

Our philosophy is centered around finding joy and deep meaning in the game.

Our programs and events are focused on player development rather than winning. We strive to teach the players the details of the game and develop their conceptual and situational lacrosse IQ that are essential to confidently playing the game freely.

We believe that:

Lacrosse is North America's first sport.

Lacrosse is fun.

The lessons that we learn playing lacrosse translate off the field in our everyday lives.

The relationships we develop with teammates and coaches have the power to support us, hold us accountable, provide us with trusted outlets, and inspire us to grow.

Lacrosse is our happy place and a healthy outlet.

We are better people because of lacrosse.

Our Values

We believe in a values-based culture. Our values guide and center us in everything that we do. We talk this talk and walk this walk.

Teamwork | Competitiveness | Grit | Grace