It’s more than a game.


The Haudenosaunee, the five Native American nations of the Mohawk, Onieda, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca combined, played lacrosse to bring together their communities and honor the Creator. According to the oral history of the Haudenosaunee and the first-ever game of lacrosse, "the animals of the forest gathered for a great ballgame." With joy, the Haudenosaunee played to please the Creator, and as a medicine game to heal and strengthen individuals, families, the community.


At Bixby Ballers Lacrosse, we honor the Haudenosaunee and preserve their tradition of the game. We preserve their tradition of the game with community events like Super Sundays. During these Sunday morning scrimmages we play for fun and to be together, and in hard times, to heal through the medicine of the game. Super Sunday Scrimmages are open to anyone who wants to play boys lacrosse.


  • Where: Carmel Middle School
  • When: December 5, 10-noon
  • Who: Players age 9-22, adults welcome
  • Cost: $30